Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Georgia State University Stepping Up Security At The Library North

Uniformed guards looking at id's at Georgia State University Library North Entrance

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Since the last time I reported the security issues and armed robberies plaguing Georgia State University in the recent weeks, I have noticed some very decisive and obvious measures taken by the University, to protect students from criminals. About an hour ago, I was asked to present my id at the Library gate, by one of the uniformed guards at the gate. Every student that went ahead of me and before me were asked to present their ids as well. We were all required to take them out of our wallets so they would ensure that our faces matched the ones on our ids'. As we made our way to swipe our cards at the entrance, we were also required to show our id's by another uniformed guard. That's great! Georgia State's security measures are on the upward swing. Good job President Becker. Monday, when I was on campus and walked to the library, I was required to show my id at the entrance but not as intentionally as it is being done today; Wednesday, February 3, 2016. Another very notable change was the presence of armed police officers on every floor of the library. I was very impressed when I noticed a couple of them. my prayer is that these obvious and decisive security measures would scare off the robbers. One suggestion I would make though, is that metal detectors and weapon screening be installed at the gates of all major buildings and facilities on campus. But for now, the police can be seen doing something and establishing their presence on the campus, like they ought to have done from the start! Way to go GSU!!!