Monday, February 1, 2016

It's February!

Abies, showing off her copy of my new book.

Hey guys. Thanks for checking my blog today. Welcome to the month of February, folks. I hope that this month is as beautiful as you desire for it to be. Everyone deserves to be happy and you are no exception. Don't allow the negativity of others get to you. You deserve all the love and happiness you desire in this world. Anyway, I wanted to share a recent video I uploaded, with you guys. My husband gave a shoutout to my friend Abies of Abies & Tom Youtube channel, for purchasing a copy of my new book Maryam Shumate's Blueprint for Academic Success. My husband knows how very excited I get when friends and people I don't even know purchase my books. Make sure to check the video out and also stop by Abies's channel to say hi and subscribe. If you want to support me, click on the title of my book and read a sample for yourself. Don't hesitate to buy a copy if you enjoyed it *winks* Enjoy the rest of your day and please visit my blog again!