Monday, February 8, 2016

Peyton Manning Puts Team Over Self||Sports

Many days leading up to Super Bowl 50, the media had been reporting that this would be Peyton Manning's final game as an NFL player. Their expectation was that he would announce his retirement on the big stage as well. Because of the extensive coverage around the media's expectation of Manning's retirement announcement after the Super bowl, I must admit that I was drawn in. I became one of those people who were expecting Manning to take the huge moment to announce his retirement. Much to the media's and my amazement, when he was asked about his retirement plans, he completely shoved the questions with such poise and intelligence and I couldn't help but love it! I particularly love how he put celebrating with his family and team over his anticipated retirement announcement. It takes a man of great character to put others ahead of himself, at a moment as big as winning the Super Bowl. One more reason Peyton Manning rocks!