Saturday, February 6, 2016

Poverty Reduces When Women are Educated||Women Empowerment

More women need to be in leadership roles because women enjoy both emotional and intellectual intelligence, a unique attribute that is part of their biological makeup. There have been countless research studies that have shown the link between an individual's performance and their ability to balance their work and home life. An attribute women enjoy from being women. If you look at the current global economy, you will notice that corporations are taking bold steps to make sure that their employees have work and life balance. Many programs that are introduced in these corporations that teach employees how to balance their work and life, are taught by women. Gone are the days when women were seen as inferior and objects. Although gender equality in the work place is far from where it should be, we can not deny the fact that women have broken boundaries and come a very long way to be recognized. I would like to encourage all women everywhere to keep pursuing their dreams and getting that education because they make a difference in how we are viewed and approached worldwide. I also learned in one of my courses at the University that when resources are put in the hands of women, The Global economy flourishes because women make sure that there is food for the hungry. The United Nations did a study on women in many impoverished areas in the world, where they serve. They discovered that female farmers and caretakers who were given resources, managed these resources and improved the wellbeing of their people better than the men. If more resources are put in the hands of women, world hunger would be a thing of the past! For this reason, ladies, do not give away your power. Pursue your dream and work hard because you were created to change the world!! All women rock!