Monday, February 15, 2016

"Shut Up and Take Several Seats" Nancy Roxanne|Lifestyle

This Nancy Roxanne, the Kenyan blogger who thinks natural hair is ugly.

Hey Nancy Roxanne, it is obnoxious people like yourself, who give reasonable and educated women a bad name. For someone with an online presence in Kenya, you sure are disrespectful. I understand that everyone has an opinion about stuff, but if you have had any form of formal education, you would understand that presentation and arrangement of an argument are at the core of the meaning that an arguer is trying to convey. Presenting your point shouldn't be an avenue to be disrespectful, to those who have chosen a different side of your argument. Ad hominem is a logical fallacy that every educated person should avoid. For you to say that "Ladies, natural hair is ugly! There, I said it," and also put it as the title of your blog, tells me all I need to know about you. You must be one of those Africans who desperately wish they were anything other than African; with all the beautiful natural features that go with it. I see that you embrace your weaves and expect every other African woman to do the same. There is nothing like organic, natural beauty, woman. For your information lady, your attitude is what makes you beautiful. From what I have read about you thus far girl, you're far from beautiful. I feel so proud of African women who are embracing their beautiful natural hair and styling it however they desire. People like you Roxanne, shouldn't have blogs because your message is negative. We need more natural hair lovers and people who don't hate and discriminate against one another, to establish an online presence. So that millions of women out there can learn to embrace, rock and love their natural pure essence, like their online inspiration. Next time you feel the need to disrespect people's hair, take a very close look at your reflection in the mirror, because you, Roxanne have nothing to tell anyone about beauty! Now take that to the bank! Go check out Christelyn's post about Nancy Roxanne here:

A side by side comparison between Nancy's weave and Christelyn's natural hair.