Sunday, February 14, 2016


Devastating side effects of skin bleaching

Hey guys, I just came across a very disturbing article about "Skin Bleaching," posted by In the article by Ameyaw Debrah; titled "Skin bleaching, the new African plague," a research by World Health Organization was cited. In that citation, 77% of Nigerian women bleach their skin. Many research show that a majority of these women who bleach their skin do it because they have this perception that dark skin is ugly and unworthy of love. Many said that men are only attracted to light skinned women and spend more money on them than dark skinned women. The goal is not to love themselves but to be loved by people who don't matter. I wish they knew that a man who does not like you because of the color of your skin is exactly the type of man you should avoid and stay away from. Skin bleaching is one of the ultimate forms of self hate. This is coming from a girl, who grew up in a home of many sisters who also bleach their skin and associate light skin to beauty. It is so sad that they think that light skin is synonymous to beauty. I watched them spend thousands of Naira on bleaching cream and I remember days when I was younger that they had me purchase those damaging creams for them. A couple of my step sisters even bleach their children's skin. It is very sad that to this day, they still bleach their skin. I don't know why I turned out different than my sisters, but I'm grateful I did. Just from reading articles on skin bleaching and photos, it breaks my heart that women would stoop themselves so low to self hate. Not caring about the bad side effects of this terrible act because they want to look "Western beautiful," their words, not mine. I wish more women would focus on their inner beauty and spend ore time loving themselves than they do trying to win the love of people who don't matter. My heart breaks for their ignorance! Here are some pictures shared by