Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sweet Comments From Some of My Amazing YouTube Subscribers!

Hey guys. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Today has been such a blessed day for me and my household. Here are a few comments from some of my YouTube Subscribers that I would like to share with you all.
Feminine69 said "Hi Maryam! I'm so happy to be a subscriber to your channel! I'm a retired school counselor in Maryland public schools, but I bought your book anyway to share your message with many of my former students who are still in contact with me after my retirement. I worked with inner city children from kindergarten through eighth grade during my tenure. So thank you for such a positive message to share with today's youth. Today, I enjoyed your vlog concerning the differences between the old and new Black Panther Parties. Unfortunately, the misconceptions about the old Party have persisted since its inception. Much of the reason comes from media sources that are guilty of that and so many more misconceptions. That's why it makes me so happy to come across someone who believes in spreading truth rather than what is most popular at present. God bless you and Hunter as you continue your journey together! Peace!"
Thank you so much for this wonderful comment.
Sonia B said "All day everyday you are a blessing in our life....I thank God for you... I wish that I could right now give you a great big hugs with love.... God bless you and your wonderful family..."
Thank you Sonia for your kind words.
Lynn Humphrey said: "Members of the Old Panther Party like Angela Davis, Huey P. Newton, Stokely Charmichael, Kathleen Cleaver were supremely intelligent with advanced degrees, and very organized. They were pro-black., not anti white. The New Black Panther Party is very different from those days. They are not of the same ilk. Members of the New Panther party have stated they hate Jews and whites openly. There is a difference between Old and New Panthers. I lived through it I know. My mom was a librarian at Watts Branch Library during the Watts Riots. I saw the devastation of the Watts riots with my own eyes.....the climate is different from the 60's, yet the Old Panthers and civil rights groups got more things done."
Youtube can be a very positive platform to educate and foster change in people and society. It is such a shame that trolls and cowards hide behind the umbrella of the internet to attack people whose positive ideals are needed to change the world. Subscribe to my channel Maryam's Joyful Life for exciting vlogs and inspiring messages.