Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Atlanta Hawks' Loss To The Warriors Last Night||Sports

Dennis Shroder on the move

So the Atlanta Hawks lost to the Golden State Warriors last night. However, there was a positive that came with the loss. The Hawks didn't give up; they played hard till the end, and they didn't get blown out either. Like most other teams that have played the Warriors thus far did. Well, I know the goal is always to win every game, but there are times when we have to appreciate the efforts of the players who played hard despite the loss. Dennis Shroder played very well and it seemed like him and Al Horford play very well together. Jeff Teague on the other hand, was not as adequate as he should have been. My assessment for the overall game and the Hawks is; we need to step up our rebounding and scoring capacities. We do have the potential to become a championship contender, but we need an elite defender to be at that level. Rebounding is a huge weakness of ours. That's my take! Here's what my husband; a huge Hawk fan/fanatic has to say about the team:

"Let’s be real. The Hawks have strengths but it’s overshadowed by their weaknesses. Rebounding is the second most important aspect of basketball behind scoring. The Hawks are terrible at rebounding. Rebounding is a form of Finishing a defensive possession. The Hawks are a top team in defensive efficiency but does it really matter if we never finish and get the ball back. It’s similar to being a top 5 defense against the run and pass in football but being dead last in third down conversion. You stop things efficiently but somehow the offense is still on the field. Is that really a good defense? The answer is no."