Monday, February 8, 2016


Von Miller, Super Bowl 50 MVP!

Hey guys. Welcome to my blog. Last night was crazy because the team I wanted to win the Super bowl didn't win it. In fact, I think they played their worst game of the year, last night. The Broncos on the other hand, proved to America that their defense is second to none! Their defense was very elite. I must confess that it was the most elite defense I have ever experienced. Of course, the man of the moment was Von Miller, the Bronco's elite outside linebacker who took matters into his hands and dominated the Panther's offense. Cam Newton didn't stand a chance against the fierceness and commitment of Von Miller's defense. Although I was not very happy for The Panther's loss, I was sort of proud of the Broncos. They deserved to win and worked hard from start to finish, to make sure that they accomplished that. Their hunger and thirst for that championship trophy was satisfied at the end of the game. When discussions about the game's Most Valuable Player started, at the first half, it was clear who that was going to be. Von Miller was most deserving of that MVP trophy. It's a symbol of his hardwork. Congrats Miller and Bronco nation! You did it!!