Friday, February 5, 2016

Why College is Important|| Maryam Shumate's Blueprint for Academic Success

Hey guys, I decided to share some excerpts from my new book with you all. Here's why college is important...

Why College
What is the big deal about getting a college degree/diploma? Who wants a college degree, when the media uses reality television shows and viral videos to downgrade the importance of getting an education. They make it look like the only way to succeed is by getting on television shows or coming up with viral video ideas. However, do you know that the brains, otherwise known as the people who control and determine what to promote and show on television are educated? Yes. They are educated. There are some fields of study you have to have a degree for, in order to practice in them. For instance, you can’t play a doctor, nurse, architect or biochemist or speech writer on television and suddenly feel qualified to be a real life practitioner of any of these fields without first acquiring any formal education in them. You actually have to have a college education to be on your way...” Excerpt From: Maryam. “Maryam Shumate's Blueprint 4 Academic Success.” Maryam Shumate, 2015. iBooks.
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