Saturday, March 5, 2016


Throwback to when we visited The North Georgia Mountains

Hey guys. Thanks for checking out my blog today. Here is a short list to help you know if you are with the right man or woman.
1. The way that he makes you feel. If every time you are around him, you feel like a piece of crap and the things he says to you, further make you feel unworthy or not good enough, you are with the wrong man. The right one is supposed to make you feel like a queen. The way he talks to you should bring out the queen in you and make you feel like you can conquer the world. He is supposed to make you feel empowered and loved, not broken and unworthy.

2. He does not compare you to other women. The right man will not compare you to other women. He won't constantly make you feel like you have to be like other women he finds desirable, for you to win his love. He won't want to change you but embrace you. Even if you are overweight, he won't make you feel bad about how you look in order for you to realize that you have to lose weight. He is going to appreciate and see the beauty in you, while encouraging you lovingly to work towards your desired weight.

3. The right one won't want you to give up what you love to do for him, as long as it is not detrimental to your life and relationship. If a man loves you, he will encourage the champion in you to come out. he won't want you to change what you love because of him. In fact, he will find a way to participate in it with you.

4. The right man will not make you worry about his whereabout. You will have the confidence and peace in him that you have never felt before. He won't do anything intentional to hurt you. He will give you reasons to trust him and even when he slips, he will apologize and work to do better by you. The right one will treat you right and call you at all times and care about your wellbeing. He knows that a relationship is a two-way street not one-way. He will work as hard as you to make things work between you too. This brings me to the end of this post guys. I hope you enjoy it. I'll catch you next time!