Monday, March 21, 2016

iHere 3.0 |Smart/Care Key Finder & Selfies Remote|Review

This new iHere 3.0 Smart Key & Selfie Remote device from nonda is off the chain! It is a device that gives you the convenience and peace of mind where your phone and cars are concerned. If you are like me, you have misplaces your car keys at some point and had to turn your house inside out looking for them. Well, with this new device, you will save a lot of time from looking for misplaced car keys. All you have to do is reach for your phone and go to the nonda iPhone/Googleplay app and click a button. Your nonda iHere device will give off an alarm. The sound is loud and distinct. In addition to the sound, the app also gives you a map of where exactly your keys/car is. As you get closer to the direction of the location on the map, it points you in the specific angle where your car/keys are. This device is definitely a must-have. Especially in this fast-paced society, where everybody is busy and trying to get a lot done at once. It is very easy to forget important things because our minds are moving at a pace we can't keep up with sometimes. With a device like nonda iHere 3.0, that is one less thing to be worried about. To watch a video tutorial go here:
Here's more about the iHere 3.0 device from one of the makers; Arak
"iHere 3.0 is a Rechargeable Bluetooth Key Finder that helps you locate and keep track of your personal belongings including your keys and phone. You can also Easily control your phone’s camera, With the Easy To Use App Design, When in a hurry or running late, you can find your lost item, with just 1 click and Each charge lasts up to several weeks so there's no need to change batteries."
To find out more about iHere 3.0 Key Finder, visit:
If you are like me, you would like to know how much it costs and where to purchase a copy. Well, that's why I'm here. They offer free shipping to all orders made in North America. It costs $19.99. The app is free for everyone local or international. Visit for more information and to place your order.