Monday, March 28, 2016


Here's a little update on my NCAA men's bracket: it is completely busted and non-existent! I was kinda hoping that Kansas Jayhawks would make it to the final four and have a chance at the title this year but I was wrong! The Villanova Wildcats are no joke! They are as good as Kansas. I didn't even realize that until the game last Saturday that busted my entire bracket. From start to finish, Villanova was on fire! Kansas tried to play catchup but just fell short eventually. This is why I love men's basketball. It is so unpredictable and competitive. I'm still praying for women's basketball to get to that level. The excitement is not there when watching women's basketball because you just know who is going to win. The good teams are extremely good and the average teams are bad. Anyway, for now I'm still watching the men's game because I decided to root for Oklahoma University. Buddy Hield deserves to be the NBA #1 draft pick, in my opinion. He is such a phenomenal player.