Monday, March 21, 2016


Gabe Flowers; embracing her fro!

I have noticed a particular group of people who have something negative to say about positive campaigns and movements that encourage women to be proud of their natural hair, embrace their dark skin, love their body type, women empowerment, black lives matter and many more. Many of these people try to downplay the impact of these positive movements by arguing that it's not necessary to have these movements because people are different and it should stay that way. While others try to say that these movements are fueling hate because they are doing exactly what they claim to be against. I have asked some of these people if they had a better way to approach the issues of hate, bullying, and brutality fueled by hate, of course they had no response or better suggestions to go about it. What I have gathered from about 2 years of research is that many people especially, the ones who disagree with these positive campaigns are empty drums. They really don't want anything to change and can't or don't want to contribute to positive change. They just enjoy the attention from being the opposers and nothing more.

Whitney; embracing her fro
What You Should Know About The Natural Hair Campaigns
Natural hair campaigns and communities exist because millions of women who are of the African descent world wide have been shamed for embracing their natural hair. These communities provide a safe and positive environment for Natural women to embrace their curls and fros. They also provide useful hair care tips, to help and encourage their members maintain their beautiful fros. Contrary to popular beliefs, these natural communities are not here to shame women who perm their hair. In fact, it's the other way round. A noticeable number of African women who choose to perm their hair detest those who chose not to. They have associated beauty to straight hair. It is more common to find women bashing natural sisters than the other way round. There are cases of school teachers and educators sending little girls back home because they have natural afros. All of these negativity and unfortunate incidents contributed to the founding of natural hair communities worldwide. A group of thoughtful, powerful and beautiful women who came together to empower one another to embrace their natural hair. They wanted that young girl who hates her natural hair to embrace it and also see that she is beautiful just as she is. If this doesn't ring empowering to you, I don't know does. The focus of natural hair communities is not to bash those women who use relaxers or wear wigs. The focus and purpose of natural hair communities is to empower those who have been victimized and told that their hair is bad and ugly just because it's natural. Their goal is to educate women about beauty and good in the sense of acceptance and appreciation. They have even gone further to teach women the difference between bad and good hair and it has nothing to do with the texture or ethnicity of a person's hair, but instead has everything to do with hygiene. Your hair is bad when you let it get dirty, stinky, and don't wash it. Anyway, I hope this helps clarify some misconceptions about natural hair. If you are not a natural sister reading this, I hope you understand that the natural community is not bashing you but empowering those who have chosen to embrace their fros, while helping them see the beauty in their natural essence!