Saturday, March 12, 2016


Please help Carlton

Hey guys, please help! My YouTube subscriber and a fellow youtuber; Shawna Philips aka Meet The Philips needs help ASAP! Her baby brother is in the hospital as I write this, needing medical attention. The doctors at this time, still have not been a able to get a diagnosis because more tests need to be run. Please help this family with whatever you can give. You every gift will be appreciated! Please go to to donate. Thank you and may God bless! Here's what Shawna had to say about her brother's situation;

"**Everyone please, read what i wrote. I'd never thought our family, us , me would be the one to write on a gofundme, using for everyone's help, as we are in a family crisis with my baby brother. He's hurt, ill in the hospital. He need our help, so I'm asking everyone for help. Please! Thank you."