Friday, March 11, 2016


There's nothing empowering about a plastic female body!
What is empowering is an untouched and natural female body that is embraced, appreciated and celebrated!

I enjoyed this video and I think that more people should watch it. It is becoming clearer to me that the meaning of female empowerment and feminism is being distorted by some celebrities; especially Kim Kardashian and her family. It seems like every time she posts a nude picture of herself and begins to get attacked by people, the first scapegoat to fall to is "women empowerment and feminism." It is not foreign knowledge that she and her family swim in plastic surgeries. I think that these nude pictures that she posts celebrate her surgeon's abilities and promote his work among women who can afford to get the same job done. There is nothing empowering about a woman who is pretty much a porn star. I have never read an empowering statement from Kim Kardashian or any of the Kardashians. their situation proves that sex sells and pornography gets a lot of attention. The easiest way for women to get attention on social media and likes is by taking off their clothes, making porn videos and posting them. Now, that is easy. What is not easy is when a woman embraces her natural body (untouched by aesthetic surgeries) and could stand and pose nude, and make the statement that you should be okay with the way your body is. Amy Schumer had the right idea. Women need committed role models who would tell them not only by words, but also by their physical appearance and untouched bodies that it is okay to embrace those stretch marks and flabby stomachs because they are a sign that you're perfectly human and you're beautiful. Feminism has nothing to do with nudity. Anyway, watch the video and please subscribe to Nosa's channel.