Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wemi And Dave | Story of A Supportive Husband|YouTube Vloggers

Wemi And Dave

Hey guys. Welcome to my blog. Here is a vlogging family I want to tell you guys about. Wemi and Dave are my YouTube friends and they are also a vlogging family. This post is to celebrate men who take care of their wives in all circumstances. Dave is a very kind and loving husband towards his wife. Wemi has sickle cell and sometimes experiences a crisis, where she has to spend a night or two in the hospital. They vlog even in times of her crisis. Her husband is always very supportive of her. He takes care of her and provides the strength and love she needs during her moments of crisis. It is such a blessing to find a man like Dave these days. There are so many men who would abandon their wives or girlfriends who have any type of preexisting condition in this day and age and then there are men who will love their women in all circumstances- men like Dave. So ladies, those of you thinking it is impossible to find a man who would love you in all seasons of your life, think again because men like that exist. My prayer for you reading this is that you will find your own Dave, soon. Please watch this video and subscribe to Wemi and Dave's channel, thank you!