Monday, March 14, 2016


President Obama will be missed when he leaves office.

America is in a constant flux of change. The gap between the rich and the poor is ever growing. Since the rich are the ones who run big companies and decide whether or not to employ certain people, the shrinking middle class and the poor need to be protected. After many months of watching GOP debates and campaigns, I have come to the conclusion that the current GOP party is not qualified to lead America and bring change. Here's why:
They want to repeal OBAMA CARE. Affordable Care Act protects people with pre-existing condition from being rejected a much needed medical care that they need. Prior to the Act, the insurance companies had the right to deny people with pre-existing conditions coverage and hospitals had the right to deny people care. However, since Obama signed it into place, everyone has equal access to health care regardless of socio-economic status or race. I have embedded a video of a testimonial by someone who needed coverage. He had been an opposer of Obama but when he needed help, it was OBAMA CARE that ensured he wasn't denied coverage or medical care. When my late daughter was born, we didn't have coverage. When we found out that she had a heart condition that needed immediate medical attention, it was OBAMA CARE ACT that covered over $50,000 of medical bills. The bill also covered my medical bills for delivery. It is very disappointing and sad that all of the GOP candidates want to take aways a bill that is doing so much good for the populace of America. I'm not surprised though. This is because GOP candidates are rich and have rich families. They really don't know how it feels to be on the lower spectrum of the economy. Democratic candidates on the other hand, take everybody's needs into consideration and find a middle ground for everyone. Democracy doesn't discriminate against people in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status and more. These GOP candidates keep talking about repealing OBAMA CARE but are not providing a better alternative.

Republican Introduces President Obama At Affordable Care Act R...

This Republican never supported President Obama—until Obamacare saved his life

Posted by NowThis on Friday, 4 March 2016

Secondly, Democrats understand that human activities affect the climate all humans live under. They understand that something has to be done to control the negative effects human activities are causing the atmosphere. Science is a huge part of why America is a Global force. Discounting and downplaying it's contributions is plain ignoramus. Democratic candidates are aware of the devastating impacts of human activities on the climate and how the majority of the world's poor and less fortunate people are at high risk. Because of this realization and the care for humanity, Democratic candidates are educating people on the effects of their activities on the planet. Even kids in elementary schools are being taught about climate change. I don't understand why GOP candidates are denying the impact of human activities on the planet/climate conditions and what is even more ridiculous is their denying the reality of climate change. It is such a shame that they would be this deceptive just to appeal to certain segment of the society. The huge corporations backing most of these GOP candidates obviously want to keep enriching themselves at the detriment of the under privileged in the society.

The issue of ISIS. This terrorist organization infiltrating the world is a huge part of safety issues in America and many in-land terrorist activities on American soil have millions of Americans worried for their safety and that of their family. So the GOP candidates always talk about bombing everybody involved in the organization but none of them is saying how they are going to go about it. How are they going to locate these terrorists and kill them. it seems to me like they want to bomb all the countries where terrorists are believed to be residing. What happens to the innocent men, women and children? Are they going to be bombed as well? The Democrats on the other hand, are looking for diplomatic ways to bomb the terrorists. They understand that they need other countries to join the United States in bringing an end to terrorism. the United States is not independent of other countries' support. As long as the United States is a member of the United Nations, it's decisions have to be approved by member nations. So, sorry GOP candidates, you can't bomb and kill innocent people without working with other members of the UN. The Democratic candidates on the other hand emphasize the importance of diplomacy in global affairs.
In conclusion, it will take a democrat to give everyone equal opportunities in America. America needs a president who is educated, kind hearted, well versed in global issues and most especially a president who is not racist. There are so many other issues that are being discussed in the race for presidency, however, these three are the ones I wanted to cover in the is piece. May God bless America! Just in case you were wondering, if I could vote, I'd vote for Hillary Clinton because Bernie also wants to repeal OBAMA CARE.