Monday, April 4, 2016

Donald Trump's Campaigns and Rallies Empower Racist Americans to Come Out!

For those people who are still wondering about the status of racism in America, I hope that Trump's campaign has opened your eyes to see the naked truth! Trump's campaign has fueled the need in racist Americans to come out and be happy with being who they are. I don't know which is worse: The fact that Trump keeps pretending to be encouraging unity or the blatant racism we see being displayed by his united racists supporters. You be the judge. The world now has a better clue of how racist millions of Americans are, thanks to Trump and his campaign of hate! In a recent video featuring a group of young black and white Americans, bidding for unity and respect, in order to promote a peaceful co-existence, you see the ugly truth of Trump's supporters. You could see white men and women uttering racial slurs and hate towards the black youths at a Trump's rally. Whereas at Bernie Sanders' rally, you see black and whites giving hugs and showing mutual respect to one another. of course there's going to be demonic people who see nothing wrong with what Trump's supporters did and there are others who will say that the media is manipulating their coverage of Trump's campaign and rallies to make him look bad. My question is "has the media photoshopped or manipulated Trump's hateful speeches and bigotry towards blacks and Mexicans?" It's such a shame that The Great United States of America would allow a rich, illiterate, racist, clueless and disrespectful man like Trump go this far before doing anything about it. Trump right now, represents everything that America stands against. For those Christians equating the Republican party to Christianity, may God have mercy on your souls. What the world sees right now in Trump's campaign and the support he's got so far from christians is hate, racism and disunity. Lord knows that Christianity is AGAINST every last bit of these!

Make America LOVE Again - Free Hugs Donald Trump & Bernie Sand...

Make America LOVE Again - Free Hugs Donald J. Trump & Bernie Sanders Rallies

Posted by Free Hugs Project on Wednesday, 30 March 2016

He was beaten and injured at a Trump's rally.