Tuesday, April 26, 2016


So I just came across Candace Parker's Facebook post about being left out of the U.S Olympic's team roster. What?!!! This woman is one of the MOST VALUABLE AND AMAZING BASKETBALL PLAYERS ON THE PLANET! She inspired me when I played in college. I mean who doesn't know that Candace Parker is a FREAK of nature on the court?! She blocks shots, shoots threes, dribbles like a guard and DUNKS the freaking ball like a man! In addition to her amazing talents, she is a walking MIRACLE and role model! She was and is still one of the women who inspire me to be GREAT! It is NOT news anymore that GENO can be partial with team selection. What DA HECK was his motivation behind dropping a walking MVP AND TRIPLE THREAT in Candace Parker? Oh wait a minute, I know. He wants to stuff the team with all UCONN players. I mean common, choose players who HAVE A TRACK RECORD OF DOING AMAZING THINGS NOT JUST IN TEAM SETTINGS, BUT ALSO INDIVIDUALLY. Candace HAS DONE IT ALL AND WILL DO MORE GREAT STUFF. I'm really pissed off right now at this news. How could Geno do this?!

A Special Message for Candace Parker

Hey lady, DO NOT allow this unfair situation get you down! As one of your fans, I have seen you do AMAZING things; like COMEBACK from injuries that could have ended your career way back when you were in college to becoming the number draft pick in the WNBA and dominating everyone in your first year. I have seen you rise from your fall over and over again, only to COMEBACK AND DO AMAZING THINGS! Don't let this setback get you down. I, as much as your other fans know YOUR INCREDIBLE ABILITIES AND TALENT AND WE SUPPORT AND LOVE YOU! Whether Geno selects you on the team or not, will NOT stop our ADMIRATION AND LOVE FOR YOU! Girl, you're still THE REAL MOST VALUABLE PLAYER in my eyes! Keep being the amazing mom, wife and role model that YOU ARE! I'm looking forward to seeing you DOMINATE this 2016/2017 WNBA season! God bless!