Monday, April 18, 2016


Hey guys, welcome to my blog. I hope that you have had a very good day, today?! Anyways, I wanted to encourage you to be nice to people because you don't know how far your being nice could impact somebody's life. The reason I'm encouraging you to be nice is because it could be the difference between a bad or good day for someone. Let me tell you about my recent experience at Walmart in Griffin. A few days ago, I made a quick run to Walmart for some groceries. After buying everything I went over there to buy, it was time for me to check out. So, there was a little bit of a line and I had to wait my turn to be attended to. When it came time for the cashier to check me out, she rung up my items and told me how much I owed. Let me back track for a second. So prior to the my time to be checked out, while she was finishing up with the lady who was ahead of me, she and I made eye contacts and I smiled and said hi to her. Back to the story and the real reason for it. So when she rung up my items and told me how much I owed, I had some cash in my purse. I reached in it and grabbed enough to cover my items. Then I handed her the bills with a smile on face. When she looked at the kindness in my eyes and the respect I showed in handing the money to her, she suddenly became emotional. She told me that she wished more people would be that nice. Apparently she'd had many unpleasant experiences with other customers before me. Who either flung their money at her or disdainfully dropped it on the counter for her to pick up. She told me that she'd seen many customers before me who were disrespectful of her. She went on to say that my respect towards her and how I smiled and showed genuine interest in her wellbeing as person, made her day. See, I didn't expect my habit to be such a big deal. The reason for this is that I intentional set out to be nice to people because I don't know what they are going through and also, I'd want others to be nice to me if our roles were reversed.

She and I talked for a second about how easily many customers disrespect Walmart cashiers. I think that one of the reasons is that these customers feel like they are better than these cashiers because they work behind the cash register at Walmart. I just wish that more people will be more considerate of their actions and deliberately set out to act nicely towards others because you never know how your kindness could be the BIG difference in someone's life. After hearing that lady's experience and seeing the difference that my smile and respect brought her, I made a decision to be nice and respectful to people, especially those who work in the service industry. There's no shame in the service they offer. Although, some people might be inclined to think that these servers are beneath them because they serve them. I wish they could STOP for a second to appreciate how much easier these servers make life for their customers. I hope that this post inspires you to act nicely towards someone today. Especially, your neighborhood grocery store cashier. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate you, always!