Monday, April 4, 2016


The happy couple

Welcome to a new week, amazing readers! I hope that you had a restful and productive weekend, as I did?! We had a lot of fun this past weekend. It actually started on Friday evening. My husband and I had to go to his best friend's wedding rehearsals. He was one of the groom's men at the wedding. I didn't have an active role to play, except the supportive wife and a well wisher. At least that's what I thought, until we got there. I was the happy babysitter. Need I tell you that it was all worth it? I'm sure you know by now that I'm smiling about what a productive and joyous weekend it was and watching over those babies had a lot to do with it. The wedding was Saturday April 2 and it was a huge success! Everyone had a great time and of course the bride and groom had the best time. Why not? It's the beginning of the rest of their lives. Everyone's wedding day should be one of their best days! I was very excited as well when I got married. Except, mine was in the court house and it was just my husband and I. We didn't have family or friends around to be there physically. However, it was still a blast!

The weather was perfect and it felt like God was looking out for Big Matt and Grace on their big day. It was a beautiful spring day! I got the opportunity to take a few pictures and film the wedding. The vlog will be posted later on my YouTube channel. it's so amazing how the little things can change our countenance and world view. Leaving us feeling better about ourselves. Someone special to me looked really hot in his suit and tie *winks* and I'm not talking about the groom (although he looked particularly handsome in his suit and tie as well). I'm talking about my one and only sweet husband. I couldn't get enough of looking at him or more like drooling over him. You would think that we were new lovebirds. We've been married for about two years and still have the hots for each other. That brings me to one of my biggest wishes for Matt and Grace. I wished and still wish them an amazing marriage. Marriage is a beautiful thing, if done with the right person. That's why communication and mutual respect are keys to successful marriages. Anyway, enough about my amazing weekend. Let me share some pictures with you all and hope that you enjoy the moment in pictures, as I did in person!

The guy with the pink wig is Matt's dad. He is a lovely man.
Their first dance as husband and wife.
On our way to the wedding.