Monday, April 11, 2016


It is NOT news that actress, author and wife; Meagan Good loves to show off her amazing and well endowed cleavage on Hollywood red carpet events. She's a beautiful woman with a very loving and supportive husband. Every woman needs a very supportive and loving man in their lives. This blog post is to address a comment that I recently made on one of my Facebook friend's page about Meagan's dress style. There were many women and some men criticizing Meagan in the comment section of a video where a woman had stood up in the audience to attack Meagan's style in her husband's presence. The woman thought that she had to do what many others have been thinking. I'd be lying if I said that I love and agree with some of Meagan Good's outrageously revealing dresses because I'm not. However, I believe that her husband and close church folks are the ones in a position to address it, if they see anything wrong with it. For the purpose of clarity, I have attached some of her dress choices to this blog.

A christian; especially one with a prominent position at church should be able to distinguish themselves by their actions, communication and appearance. Since we have established a fact here, I said that woman was probably jealous because Meagan has a good man who supports and loves her unconditionally. I don't know why I stuck up for Meagan like that. My comment was very outrageous but let me tell you where it came from. It came from an emotional place of resentment for how women are often attacked by other women when something goes wrong between them and their man or when something goes wrong, period! Let me take you back to about a year ago when Meagan's computer and phone were hacked and nude photos of her were circulating the Internet. I read A LOT of comments on her timeline fro women bashing her for being whore, when she is married to a preacher. They totally ignored the fact that the pictures were sent to her husband and meant to be private. I didn't read any ONE comment attacking her husband by these ladies. It was very crazy to me that Meagan was attacked like that, when she DIDN'T DO ANYTHING wrong!

Thank God for His mercies if not, I'd already be destroyed for sometime holding a grudge or harboring hate for too long. Anyway, in light of my realization of harshness, I realize that I should have perhaps stated it this way "Meagan has a church home and folks who know her on a close proximity. These folks should be the ones addressing her choice of clothes, NOT a stranger." Moving on the part of the story that I particularly thought was EPIC. Her husband's swift rise to defend his wife! Man, I love it when men protect their women. I WISH THAT MORE MEN WOULD PROTECT AND STAND UP FOR THEIR WOMEN IN PUBLIC LIKE THEY DO IN THE SECRET. Devon Franklin proved how much of a man he is by protecting his QUEEN!

My whole evaluation of the story and situation was not to judge Meagan but to brag on men who stick up for their women! More men need to step up and treat the women in their lives like THE QUEENS they are! The moral of this post is to acknowledge my occasional character flaw and work on myself, while appreciating EPIC moments at the same time! Thanks for reading this one! Please come again!