Friday, April 15, 2016


Hey guys. Welcome to my blog. I hope that you have had an amazing?! So today, I was just thinking about what to entertain you guys with and I thought to share a funny story, that I think is funny now, with you guys. Like most of my stories, I hope that you get the lesson from this one. A few years, when I was single, lonely, desperate for a relationship and in college, I started doing online dating. During that time, I was so desperate that my sense of reasoning was very flawed. What do I mean by that? I met A LOT of weirdos online. I'm not even going to go into that aspect. SO i met this guy on one of the dating sites that had put up a profile. We started communicating and learning about each other. Since, I was desperate for love and affection from a man, I let myself get sucked into my conversations with this guy. Virtual sexting was involved also. Please DON'T judge me. I'm changed, delivered and saved, NOW! Anyways, we started communicating on a regular basis. I'm talking cell phone conversations, texts, Skype and all. During that period, I was finishing up junior college and he lived out of state. We spent months communicating from a distance. He lived in Georgia at the time and I was very excited to finally get the chance to meet him, when I moved to Georgia in a few months.

Let's pause for second. I have something to say before we continue with the story. Ladies, PLEASE be very careful with following your emotions, especially in times of desperation. I have learned that DESPERATION is the biggest MANIPULATOR. When you are desperate for a relationship and having someone in your life, you begin to CONVINCE yourself that although, they may not have the kind of values and qualities you'd like in a partner, they'd do for the moment. You start trying to convince yourself to like them. You don't want that. If you have to psyche yourself into liking someone, that person is NOT worth your time! Anyway, back to the story. So this guy and I were very excited to finally get the chance to meet in person. The time finally came and I moved to Georgia. We stayed in touch with each other online, for months. It took us a few months before we finally scheduled to meet in person.I remember that fateful rainy day, when he visited me on campus. I had cooked some food and was excited to finally meet him in person. So, we went to the front desk and I checked him into my apartment. We went upstairs and chatted about a lot of things. I even introduced him to Nigerian movies. No, WE DIDN'T HAVE SEX. While we were talking and just laughing with each other, I noticed that he wanted something more. See guys, I knew that I didn't have any intention of dating this guy. Whatever the closeness was that had developed from talking on the phone and internet for months had decreased for me. The desperation I felt was waning and I was looking at him like a casual friend and nothing more. Back to what happened in my room. So when he tried to kiss me, I moved and said nope. I told that I didn't want to have anything sexual to do with him. I didn't even want to date him. He was shocked! I knew that whatever impressions he had about me were impressions that my earlier DESPERATION had given him. After moving to Georgia, the hectic practices and basketball schedule WANED my DESPERATION. I was always tired because there was hardly a day that I didn't have a full day of activities lined up. I had basketball practices, classes, study halls, meetings and the list just keeps going. DESPERATION knew better than to be around a very BUSY student-athlete like me. He was very devastated when I told him that I wanted to be just friends and NOTHING more.

After he left that day, we didn't communicate for a while. So one day, he sent me a text and asked how I was doing. I said I was fine and then he said that he wanted to come by. I said okay. So he came by and hung out for long time. I remember that day very clearly. Some of my Nigerian friends had come by my apartment and they met him too. We all hung out and talked for a while. Then it was dark and everyone left EXCEPT for my guy. I lived a 2 bedroom apartment at the time and had an empty room with a bed and a mattress in it. I told him it was okay if he stayed. I gave him some blankets and a pillow. I went in my room and SHUT the door real tight! Ladies, DON'T BE LIKE ME, make sure you know someone real good before letting them sleep over at your place. The next morning, I woke up and made some breakfast. He was also up. He came by the my bedroom door and asked if he could take a shower in my bathroom. Of course I said yes. I gave him a fresh towel. After handing him a towel, i went back to cooking. All of this time, I didn't know that he had something ulterior brewing in his mind. A few minutes later while I was frying my plantains, I heard him call my name from the hall way that led to the bedroom and when I turned to look... That fool was BUTT A** NAKED! I don't remember being that pissed in my life! He started laughing at me while he walked the hall way naked. I quickly turned away and told him to get his STUFF and GET OUT! I told him that I was NOT THAT TYPE OF GIRL who joked around like that. He tried to tell me that he was only joking. I knew that he WAS NOT JOKING. Has trying so hard to get my attention and have sexual relations but I was NOT INTERESTED. I was FURIOUS AND asked him NEVER to call me or come by my place again. Prior to that incident, I had NO IDEA that men could be that DESPERATE. I mean, women are ALWAYS portrayed as the DESPERATE ones luring men into temptation and all. But boy oh boy, my case was an EXCEPTION! Didn't EVER imagine that a man that I was NOT just into would go to that length to try to TEMPT me. This brings me to the end of the story. Ladies and gentlemen, don't compromise YOUR STANDARDS FOR ANYONE. IF you're not into someone, walk away from them and save yourself from trouble. I know, this was a crazy blog but I just wanted to share it. Have a blessed rest of your day!