Friday, April 29, 2016


About an hour ago, I did a video in response to an email I got from one of my subbies. The email was very disturbing and I'm glad that God led this girl to email me. In her email, she explained her life and experiences. Part of what she told me is that she is a virgin at 20 years old, who gets teased and laughed at by family and friends for being chaste. Her situation had made her suicidal in the past. She'd got to a point where she doesn't go to family gatherings because she is tired of being picked on for being a virgin and chaste at her age. Seems to me like her family wants her to be a whore. I really can't understand the type of family that would celebrate whorish ways and bully chastity. She also told me about a date that she had spent money to organize and prepare for, which she ended up doing alone because the guy stood her up. He didn't show up. All of these experiences have left her feeling NOT GOOD ENOUGH and suicidal. She feels like there's something wrong with her and that all men are horrible and don't want her BECAUSE SHE IS A VIRGIN! I hope that any parent who is reading this would celebrate their daughters who choose to be VIRGINS instead of SHAMING them. Being a VIRGIN in this day and time when most girls would rather be WHORES because the world CELEBRATES it. The notoriety of WHOREDOM DOES NOT MAKE IT RIGHT!

My advice to women who are going through the same thing that Kaylynn is currently going through is this: You have to know that YOU ARE AMAZING! Being a virgin is a beautiful thing. It means that you are keeping yourself for that man who deserves you and who will treat you as the queen that you are. If you are in company of friends and family who encourage you to jump in bed with men, it's about time you find a new circle of friends and limit the amount of time you spend around such kind of family members. Just know that anyone who tries to make you feel uncomfortable because you are a virgin is either JEALOUS or CLUELESS. To learn more about what I had to say to Kaylynn and about this topic, please watch the video and share it with those you think it will benefit. God bless you! IF YOU ARE A VIRGIN READING THIS, YOU ROCK!!! You are the new COOL!