Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Throwback photo with our friends.

Hey guys. Welcome to my blog. Ever since I've been on YouTube, I have made many friends and subscribers feel very comfortable expressing themselves to me via email and all. So I recently got an email that touched my heart and I decided to make a video to address it. So this lady had been dating this guy for a few years. They had plans to get married in the future and all. Then one fateful day, they broke up and she was devastated but stayed friends with him and his family. Let's take a break for a second. I WILL NEVER ADVICE A LADY TO STAY FRIENDS WITH AN EX. I believe that an EX is an EX for a reason. Now back to the story. Not long after they broke up, the guy met another woman whom he got married to almost immediately. Although, this lady whose story I'm talking about was sad, she remained friends with him and his family. Her EX of course started having kids with his wife. One day, she visited his sister and he happened to be present. He invited her out for a casual outing. She didn't think that there was something wrong with it. As soon as he got comfortable with her, he started trying to kiss her. She said no and moved away from him. He gave her a call a few days later, after that casual outing. He started telling her that he missed her and would love to have sex with her. Let's PAUSE right here! I have to tell you something first.

Prior to that casual outing with her now married EX, she had been celibate for over a year and a half. It is not easy being celibate. Trust me, I know. She has had a series of terrible relationships and just was at a place of desperation to find someone, anyone. All she wanted was to feel intimate with a man. It was during this time, that she emailed me to ask my opinion. This is where I'm going to encourage you to watch my video to find out my opinion on the issue. But first, I'd like to encourage you, if you are currently single reading this. RUN AWAY FROM MARRIED PEOPLE. Especially those who dated you before they met their spouses. If a man didn't see you as a marriage material when he was single and dating you, why in the HECK would you even consider sleeping with him when he comes back complaining about his wife?! You are better than someone like that. You deserve someone who is for you and ONLY YOU! You are beautiful and smart enough to have your own husband and a great relationship. Thanks for reading this to the end. Have an amazing day!