Tuesday, April 12, 2016


To them I was ugly, but that didn't STOP me from discovering THE BEAUTY in me!

Hey sweet reader! This one is for you especially. I don't know what is going on in your life right about now, while you read this. But I know that you will be blessed by this post. I think that we have finally established the fact by now. The fact that I love to talk, write and tell amazing stories all with ONE AIM. That is to EMPOWER YOU! I am very proud of the path that my life is on. I see how inspired, blessed, and happy my stories and blogs make my readers and viewers. If you really want to find out or verify some of my claims, go to www.YouTube.com/Maryamsjoyfullife, read the comments for yourselves. I would share some emails I receive regularly with you but it's not necessary because my word is my bond! Why am I telling you all of this? You might want to ask. I just wanted to prepare your mind for what I am about to say NEXT!

People can be very mean and demonic sometimes but we can't let their meanness and demonic tendencies to KEEP us from being THE BEST that God wants us to be. Let me tell you a short story. Oh I know or think I kind of know what you might be thinking right now. "Oh Maryam, you love to tell stories." Yes, actually I do! Sometimes or more appropriately put; "I was born with a story on my lips..." *Smiles* Anyway, back to the story. So growing up, I never felt beautiful or worthwhile. As a child, I had knocked knees and according to some of my siblings UGLY! Most of them didn't spare anytime to call me UGLY, KNOCKED KNEED(this part was true) and many other unpleasant names. Maybe I wouldn't be writing about this experience if it was something that only happened very rarely. But it happened MOST of the time! I didn't have to do anything that pissed them off to be called UGLY, KNOCKED KNEED, STUPID and other names I can't remember. I remember trying so hard to make them STOP or take it easy on me by offering to do their laundries and go out of my way to run errands for them. As hard as I tried, it didn't change MUCH! I had every REASON to have a very low self-esteem, growing up, but God had a plan! As I'm very sure He does for you, as well. It seemed like the more harshly I was treated and picked on, the STRONGER it made me and the more RESILIENT and DETERMINED I was to break FREE from thoughts of inferiority complex that I was feeling. From being called UGLY and picked on because of my adorable KNOCKED KNEES. Since I wasn't beautiful ENOUGH in their eyes, I was going to LEARN TO BE BEYOND BEAUTIFUL IN MINE. I was going to EMBRACE what they called UGLY, DEFORMED AND NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND MAKE IT INTO A RARE GEM! Ladies and gentle, I DID JUST THAT! I used to feel very uncomfortable looking at myself in the mirror, because all I saw was UGLY, NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND UNWORTHY. I remember being very SHY in front of the camera as a child. In most of my childhood photos, you'd sight me at the back looking away from the camera for fear that my ugliness was going to come through.
Can you spot those beautiful knocked knees :)

I remember just spending hours staying focused on my books and applying myself to becoming SMARTER AND MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE. I studied my text books and The Bible. I remember reading about the love of God and how He made me in His very own image and how I'm the APPLE of His eyes. Those words CHANGED my life! To be honest with you, prior to that time, I had not come across books that encourage people to speak positive things into their own lives. It was just something I learned to do out of the LONELY, SAD AND EMPTY state of my heart. I started filling myself up with POSITIVE, EMPOWERING AND GODLY CONFESSIONS. I trained my mind to look at my beauty internally and externally. As I made that a habit, I began to see the difference in my appearance and thought patterns. The craziest things started to happen as well. People who never used to complement my beauty, started calling me beautiful, smart and many other good adjectives like these. Although, some of my siblings didn't stop being mean, their meanness didn't HURT anymore. It only made me see the beauty in me and outside myself. I started to think about what beauty really means. I remember still feeling a little uneasy and uncomfortable when people who NEVER called me beautiful, pretty and smart started to use those words to describe me, to my face. I was still at the point where I was learning to EMBRACE myself and all my flaws. When I looked in the mirror I didn't see an UGLY person, but I felt UGLY AND UNWORTHY. That was when I decided that I was going to let my heart feel BEAUTIFUL. The way I learned to do that was by constantly confessing what The Bible says about me, in addition to intentionally calling myself beautiful, smart, irresistible, gorgeous, amazing and many other empowering descriptive adjectives. I also decided to be nice to people and help them when they needed my help. I enjoyed seeing the smile on people's faces after I had helped them do a chore, or something little. My intentional little acts of kindness towards others, started strengthening my inner beauty and made me begin to see and learn what true beauty is about. That is... your SELFLESS LITTLE ACTS OF KINDNESS TOWARDS OTHERS. Especially those who CAN'T PAY YOU BACK! I remember tiring myself out from helping neighbors and family members with whatever they needed help with. I always felt so CONTENT afterwards and I guess that CHANGED EVERYTHING FOR ME! Not only was I learning to appreciate and accept my beauty; flaws and all, I was also learning about the beauty that matters and should count-- the beauty of helping others and very importantly; THE BEAUTY OF SELF LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE. That my friend, is how I learned to become the person I have become and continue to evolve into.

Went from being shy looking at the camera, to smiling in front of it!

You may be at a place in your life where you are feeling stuck because you think that you are not good enough. You may be around people who are constantly telling you that you are not beautiful enough or smart enough, I want you to know that I understand what you are going through and I'm here to HELP YOU BREAK FREE FROM THAT MINDSET. It's not that you are not beautiful, good, or smart enough, believe me when I say that YOU ARE! The truth is that, those who are targeting you are the ones who are NOT BEAUTIFUL, SMART, AND GOOD ENOUGH. They are agents of the enemies sent to DISTRACT YOU FROM GOD'S PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE! I want you to BREAK FREE from them and SILENCE THEIR VOICE IN YOUR HEAD with the TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD. "You were created in the image and likeness of God!" You are GOOD ENOUGH, BEAUTIFUL ENOUGH AND SMART ENOUGH. YOU DESERVE EVERY GOOD THING THAT COMES YOUR WAY! NEVER FORGET THAT! Train your mind and physical eyes to SEE THE BEAUTY THAT GOD SEES WHENEVER HE LOOKS AT YOU. Nobody can help you change your mindset, unless you do! If I can do it, so can you! I appreciate your spending time to read this! I want you to take this thought with you: "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ARE THOSE WITH GOOD, KIND, COMPASSIONATE AND CARING HEARTS!" That my friend, is the BEAUTY THAT IS BEYOND IRRESISTIBLE!
The camera is now my friend!