Sunday, April 10, 2016


First of all I wanted you to enjoy these beautiful pictures of me and my country hottie.

While you do that I want you to know that there is NOTHING wrong with marrying someone of a different race! Although, I would say that having a preference in whom you date and marry is okay. However, if your preference is primarily physical, you may be making A VERY BIG MISTAKE. In my case, I dated from all kinds of races but my ultimate goal was... and you can take it or leave it; to marry a man with a good heart. You can't put a race or color on a good heart. Someone has a good heart not BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE, BLACK, RED, YELLOW, OR PURPLE. Until you have experienced a person on a close proximity, you really can't tell how good or bad a person they are. It is OKAY to be initially attracted to someone based on how they look and present themselves on the outside, but relationships are/should be built on TRUST, RESPECT, LOVE AND COMMUNICATION. Trustworthy, respectful and loving people COME IN ALL SHAPES, SIZES AND COLORS! If you are not yet married and are considering finding a partner based ONLY on a particular race, you may be LIMITING yourself. After all, we are ALL HUMAN BEINGS. Love should NEVER be based on COLOR and NATIONALITY! With that said, here's why I wanted to write this post. Some woman/troll by the name BrownSugarMimi on YouTube/Google+ was constantly attacking me for being married to my white, vanilla mocha latte of a Southern husband. She made some very nasty comments about how terrible, stupid and dumb of a person I am, in deceiving myself to think that my husband and in-laws love me. I remember this particular video that she commented on calling me a buffoon and an idiot for not seeing that my family doesn't want me or even like me. I responded by telling her that I see that she lives with us in the same house to know all the information she had been commenting on my videos. Of course I was being sarcastic but you see, trolls don't even understand sarcasm. She responded with a very long paragraph; explaining and describing how foolish I am to be married to a white man... and I knew I shouldn't have responded to her in the first place. I went ahead and blocked her from commenting on my YouTube videos. But she was persistent. She read of my blogs about women empowerment. In this particular blog, I was talking about Kim Kardashian's nude pictures that she had posted earlier and later took down when people attacked her. Kim's response was that she was trying to empower women to be okay with their bodies. I said there is nothing empowering about Kim's nude pictures because she has had some plastic surgeries to fix it. Most women can't afford to have plastic surgeries. If you want to learn more about what I said, go look for it on my blog by this title: There is nothing empowering about Kim's Nude Pictures. Anyway, this lady commented and said I was not better than prostitutes, porn stars, strippers and many others. She was obviously intent on being troublesome all because I had blocked her on YouTube and also because I am married to my sweet white man; which she hates!
More pictures of my sweet sugar

It is very sad to see people like BrownSugarMimi hurt and have sleepless nights over other people's loving and happy families. I had to use her to illustrate to you guys. There are thousands of people like her trolling interracial families online. If you are a black or white woman who is married to your sweet vanilla or brown sugar reading this, I want you to know that you owe NO ONE an explanation for who you love and are married to. When people you don't even know attack your marriage online, you should UNDERSTAND that THEY ARE JEALOUS OF YOU AND WHAT YOU HAVE. Not everyone is happy that you are HAPPILY MARRIED or dating someone you love! Only broken and hurt people try to break and hurt others. Please remember that, especially if you have a social media presence. You will get HATE comments from A LOT of hateful and devilish people. See, these kinds of people can't be bold enough to approach or attack you in person. They are NOT bold enough. The only weapon that they think they have is the internet. You have MORE POWER than they. Keep being yourself and doing what you are doing and most of all, keep LOVING YOUR FAMILY. In order to celebrate the fact that I am married to the love of my life who is also my sweet vanilla white chocolate mocha latte, I have attached a few pictures of our journey and love through time to this post. I owe NO MAN/WOMAN AN EXPLANATION or NOTHING for following my heart. If you are a troll reading this, please choke on these beautiful pictures of me and my sweet love *winks*. Thanks for reading my post today. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Throwback from the day we said I do!