Thursday, April 21, 2016


About a year ago when my daughter was sick in the hospital, two of our YouTube female subscribers came after my husband. They sent him a direct message on Facebook about how they watch us and love our channel. They pretended to be needing advice from him about relationships and how to get a man and all that. When my husband told me about them, I didn't think there was anything to worry about since we seem to be that couple that get a lot of messages from both married and single women about relationships and many other topics. We have on many occasions made videos to address the questions we get from our subbies. But I guess this time was different. These women; one African American and the other Latino started feeling comfortable with talking to my husband. They gave him their Skype information because they wanted a one on one consultation with him. My husband didn't know that they had a SECRET AGENDA. While this whole thing was going on, I was at the hospital with my sick child, praying very hard for God's healing. They knew about it but it didn't matter to them. All they cared about was a married man. Their calls and messages started becoming obsessive and I told my husband to be careful. When he got tired of it and stopped responding as much, the African American woman became angry. Instead of taking her anger out on my husband, she came after me.

Telling him that I was ugly and looked like a gorilla and many other horrible names. My husband told me everything and I was very angry. It's very sad to know that there are very DESPERATE home wreckers of women out there who would do anything to break happy families. Why didn't they go after my husband who was obviously tired of being hounded by them? Why attack me? I'm very grateful to the God that I serve. He watches over me day and night. Although I was very angry that my daughter ended up passing away, but God has been faithful. He will always protect me from those who come after me. These women came in pretending to be subbies, needing help with relationship advice as we always get, but their whole AGENDA was to have a relationship or an illicit affair with my husband. I'm so thankful to God for giving me a man who is honest and open with me. Although, I have these women's Skype and Facebook information, I didn't contact them. I'm secure in myself and the God that I serve. God EXPOSED THEM AND PUT THEM TO SHAME. I had to share this story because more people NEED to be aware of home wreckers who pretend to be subbies. If you are a YouTube personality reading this, BE VERY CAREFUL with who you let your spouse receive messages from. There are very DESPERATE women ONLINE SEEKING MARRIED MEN AND HOMES TO BREAK APART! Another very annoying aspect is that the African American woman sent some clothes to us for our baby but she didn't put a return address or name on it. I was very angry and asked my husband to go mail her stuff back to her. it's crazy how the DEVIL tries to attack people from a close range by pretending to be HARMLESS and to be an ANGEL OF LIGHT. My husband and I have since learned from those incidents and moved from them. Ladies BE VERY CAREFUL who you allow around your marriage and home. Folks are JEALOUS and DESPERATE out there! If you want to learn more about this incident and how I dealt with it, watch the video that I have linked to it. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a great day!