Sunday, April 24, 2016


Hey guys. Welcome to my blog. I hope that you all have had a very nice day?! Well, if you can't already tell, I have had a FANTASTIC DAY! God is just showing up for me in amazing ways. So about 12 days ago, I started a Gofundme Campaign to raise money to get a better camera and other studio equipment, in order to make High Quality inspirational and uplifting videos on my Youtube Channel; Maryam's Joyful Life. What really encouraged me to pursue this aspect of my dream was the recent delay and denial of my work documents by the U.S. government. Since I couldn't take up employment before my documents are cleared and delivered, I decided to put myself to work and pursue this dream of becoming an Inspirational and Empowering speaker. Thank God for YouTube and the opportunity it provides to build one's dream. I have been paying a very close attention to my subscribers and how very similar their comments and emails to me have been. All of their comments always express how inspired and blessed they feel after watching my videos. It just brings me so much joy and gratitude to know that God is using my voice to empower and lift people. Just by being me- the encourager that I was born to be *smile*, I see how lives are being imparted and blessed through my message. This is the point where I'd say that God is FAITHFUL! I could be sitting down doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL, while I wait on my work document but the Inspiration of the Spirit of The Lord in my life, has brought something so GREAT, to Life in me! That is to use my voice to bring a message of HOPE and GRACE to thousands of hurting people. I couldn't be more THANKFUL for the GRACE to be someone who actually allows herself to be used by God, in the way that I see Him using me.

Thank God for His provision. He touched the hearts of some people who are witnesses to the great work that God is doing through me, to contribute to my Campaign. Because of them, I have a better camera. This happens to be the number item on the list of equipment I needed and outlined. I have attached a picture of the Camera in this blog. Isn't God gracious?! I want to use this moment to encourage someone reading this, it doesn't matter where you are at this very moment in your life, what matters is who you put your trust in and what are you doing to make your dreams a reality?! Instead of sitting around waiting for things to work out, why not look within yourself and see what talent you have and could invest your time in developing, while you wait? There's a hidden talent in everyone of us, a talent waiting to be tapped. I could be sitting around waiting for months for my work documents to be processed but I'm not. I know I have the gift of ENCOURAGEMENT and INSPIRATION. While I wait for the government to do their job, I'm here investing in my natural god-given ability. Those who can attest to my god-given talent are actually supporting the DREAM. I want to STRONGLY encourage you to look within yourself. What is that thing that is easy for you to do and can be a source of joy for you and others? I hope that this post inspires you in some way because that is why I blog. I want people to know that sometimes what holds them back is not others but THEY, THEMSELVES. YOU ARE A RESOURCE WAITING TO BE TAPPED! Find that thing that you are good at and start working on it while you wait to be called in for that interview or while you wait for your documents to come through. In all of this, I believe that God has a plan and who knows? Maybe part of His plan is for me to embrace the NATURAL GIFT OF EMPOWERMENT that He's blessed me with and use it all for HIS GLORY. I have attached a video from today. Watch it and be EMPOWERED! Thank God for the naysayers- they inspire the BEST out of me!
ANSWER TO THE TITLE: IT IS ILLEGAL TO GET A JOB IN THE UNITED STATES WITHOUT GOVERNMENT ISSUED WORK DOCUMENTS, AS AN IMMIGRANT But the clueless folks will still have something DUMB to say! Anyways, back to raising more funds in order to EMPOWER more people!