Tuesday, May 17, 2016

5 Days Prophetic Summit at Holy Ghost Christian Center, Atlanta

Hey guys. This is a special invitation for those of you who live in the Atlanta area. There will be a 5 Day Prophetic Summit starting May 18 at Holy Ghost christian Center, Atlanta. It will be a great program that will impact your life. I don't know what you are trusting God for, I don't know what miracle you desire, but I do know that the God of Holy Ghost Christian Center is real and will give you testimonies. May 22, which is the last day of the prophetic summit is my son's dedication service. I'm so thankful and I'm looking forward to it. Come and be blessed! I'm looking forward to being blessed by Pastor Amos Fenwa. I feel so privileged that He will be blessing my son and dedicating him to God. For more information about the program and speakers, check the flier on this post. Have a blessed day!