Monday, May 2, 2016

I AGREE WITH SUPERWOMAN| How to NOT Be a Jerk on the Internet

This right here is one of the many reasons I appreciate Lilly Singh aka SUPERWOMAN of YouTube. She is one of the few creators who inspire. In her recent video (the one that is shared on this blog post), she encourages people to only watch, support and share positive online content. She explained that when positive things are shared the world become a better place. I get what she is trying to see 100%. There is hardly a day that goes by that I don't come across some very DUMB viral video of someone doing something STUPID or just plain making a fool of themselves. It is quite unfortunate that those are the kinds of videos that millions of people would rather watch than positive content that would impact their lives positively. just like Superwoman, I STRONGLY encourage young men and women to STOP watching those nonsensical videos because that's the ONLY way to stop those clueless people from posting them. My advice to anyone who cares is that whenever you see someone being bullied or beaten, instead of taking out your phone to record it for the internet, think about calling 911 and or jumping in to save the person who is getting bullied or beat up. Let's be moved by COMPASSION not by our phones and the out of control CRAZE to make viral videos. Let me leave you with this last thought! ONLY POSITIVE AND OPTIMISTIC PEOPLE CHANGE THE WORLLD! Please be one them!