Monday, May 2, 2016


A smile for you :)

Hey everyone. Welcome to the beautiful month of May. My prayer for you as you navigate your way through this month is, that God will bless and uplift you. He will grant you all of the petitions of your hearts and make your life beautiful all the way, all this I pray in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen! This post is about my new campaign. I have noticed that many people give up so easily on themselves and their dreams, at the first sign of a setback or an obstacle. I have also noticed that many people GIVE UP on themselves and dreams because they do not have the right people and family members around them to provide the support they need to keep pushing. I completely understand the second group of people because I have been and still I'm one of them. Every time I decide to pursue a BIG DREAM that God has laid in my heart to pursue, there is more NAYSAYERS than supporters, even among family. The GOOD NEWS is; God has always made a way for me to achieve my BIG DREAMS. He's always done it in such a MAGICAL way that even the NAYSAYERS and black belle people them, just wonder "HOW COULD THAT EVEN BE POSSIBLE?" But that's the kind of God that I serve-- HE IS A GOOD GOOD FATHER! No dream is too BIG for God to bring to fruition. I decided to launch this campaign because I want to encourage more people to pursue their dreams, no matter how BIG it is because ONLY BIG DREAMS HAVE ALL THE MAGIC! I sincerely hope that you would support my campaign and prepare yourself to be AMAZED, at how God will move mountains to bring you to that place of accomplishment, in all your endeavors as you DREAM BIG with me! To learn more and purchase a teeshirt, please click on the Twitter embeded post! Thank you and have a BLESSED DAY!