Friday, May 27, 2016

That Day We Bought Groceries to Feed 100 People

Hey guys, welcome to another exciting blog post. So a few weeks ago I felt like God was leading me to do something that I have NEVER done before. That is to feed 100 homeless people in Atlanta. I started a campaign on teespring to create a consciousness in my subscribers and friends to join me so we can do it together as the first FOOD distribution under Maryam Shumate's Dream big foundation. Well, only a few people have bought a t-shirt to show support. I was hoping that the 155 t-shirts I had created would sell out since I have over 18,000 subscribers but that's not the case. One thing I have learned about how God works is that, when He gives you an idea or a dream, He alone knows THE EXACT way He will bring it to PASS! About three days ago, while I was laying in my bed, my brother in-law came into the room with some mails and one of them was a check from the United States government assigned to me. It was a check I should've received over a year ago and had given up because it was taking too long. With this check came the opportunity to bring my DREAM TO REALITY. The video I have attached to this blog post is our grocery trip to buy food for 100 people. Watch it and glorify the name of The Lord Jesus for me. He blessed my family and now he's put us in a position to bless those who can't bless us back.

I don't know who you are reading this or maybe I do. However, I would like to encourage you NOT to quit on God! HE IS REAL! Whatsoever you are holding unto Him for, my prayer for you is that He will come through for you In Jesus Name! If you live in the Atlanta area and know how to get in touch with some homeless folks downtown Atlanta, please let them know to be at the park adjacent 135 Edgewood Ave Atlanta, Ga 30303 at 10:00 am May 28, 2016. We have food for the first 100 people who will be there. Thanks and God bless you!