Thursday, June 23, 2016


This picture is from google. I forgot to take of picture of mine.

Hey guys, thanks for visiting my blog today. About 3 weeks ago my husband and I went grocery shopping at the Caribbean market and he asked me to make him some pepper soup when we got back home. I made it and some of you all have already watched the video and have been looking out for the recipe. Well, today is your lucky day. The way I made the pepper soup is a far cry from how it is actually made in Nigeria, when all of the original traditional ingredients are added to it. Many of the original ingredients are very hard to come by, however, part of getting by is improvisation. Let's just say that I have quite mastered the art of improvising, when it relates to Nigerian foods. Well, as you may have noticed already, I cooked the goat meat for a long time on high heat because the goal was to make sure it was very soft- I mean falling-off the bone soft; as my husband would call it. Here's the way I accomplished it:
1. I washed the goat meat in cold water; just to make sure that it was clean and had no dirt on it.

2. I put it in a pot and added enough water that covered it; up to about 3 cups over.

3. I added 1 table spoon of Knorr Beef Boullon, a pinch of salt to taste, 1/2 table spoon of thyme and a WHOLE LOT OF LOVE! Okay that was a little overboard. *LAUGHING OUT LOUD*

I set the heat at high.
I made sure that I checked it frequently for consistency and softness and also to add more water as the need be. It took about 1hr 30 mins to get to the texture I wanted. After that, I set some aside for my egusi soup and it was time to mix the HOT SPICE to it. I added about 2 tbs of Nigerian HOT grounded pepper to the content and it was HOT! I let it simmer at low heat for about 5 mins and it was ready to be served. Of course I let it sit for about 15 mins to cool before serving my OGA AT THE TOP. Oh for some of you wondering, that would be my husband. He is my oga at the top. Anyways, I hope that I have helped you in some way with this recipe. Thanks for reading to the end. Please remember to comment and let me know how you make your pepper soup and if you ever tried any of my recipes don't hesitate to let me know because I'm interested in knowing how you liked it and all. Remember to have a PLEASANT DAY!