Sunday, June 12, 2016


Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Today's post, I thought was necessary. Before we get into it, I want to tell you guys about a video I made over a month ago. The video was a response to a subbie of mine who lives in Nigeria, but is only attracted to white men. Of course I titled the video I Only Date White Men Because They Are Better?!. This video EXPOSED many hateful and racist African American trolls. It is NO SECRET that black women who are married to or date white men have been targets of some black men who feel ENTITLED to black women. Entitled in the sense that they feel like THEY OWN black women and so are JUSTIFIED TO ATTACK them for marrying or dating interracially. Prior to making that video, I had received many derogatory comments on my video from ANGRY and SAD black trolls calling me a whore and many other unpleasant names because my husband is white. Anyways, after I uploaded that video, I started getting very nasty comments from some hateful black men who didn't watch the video to know what I was talking about before making their judgments and it amazed me a little bit. It brought something clear to my head. For those of you who don't already know, black people have a bad repp in America for being illiterate and ill-informed. It's a stereotype and it's wrong to form stereotypes of a people based off of the actions of a few. What this whole incident reinforced for me was the stereotype of the stupidity that is in existence amongst certain black folks. I was NOT angry that they commented but I was PISSED OFF because it was very obvious from their comments, that NOT ONLY DID THEY NOT WATCH THE VIDEO, but they were outraged BECAUSE a black woman is married to a white man and made a video with a title that highlights her preference for this particular race! Even though the video is about somebody else.

The STUPIDITY kept on for a while and keeps going. My question is that why do these men come after the black women? Why NOT attack the so called "WHITE LORD/SLAVE MASTER," who the black woman is married to? It seems to me like their power only starts and ends with the black woman. Let me rephrase myself " their power only starts and ends with women who give it to them! So I decided to respond. This video that is linked on this blog is my response and then some. I had to disable the comment because from the hundreds of comments that I have received, I have concluded that SOME African Americans will GET OFFENDED and bombard my comment section with their stupidity whenever I express THE TRUTH about the actions of some black folks. There are still stupid comments that I should probably delete but I'll do that some other day. Why do we hate? I have also noticed that whenever I express my disappointment in the actions of some black criminals, that's when blacl folks come after to remind me that I'M NOT EVEN AFRICAN AMERICAN BUT NIGERIAN. They make it clear that I HAVE NO RIGHT SPEAKING ON BLACK ISSUES because I'm from Africa?! None of these folks come after me when I'm saying "good things" about African Americans. I have been ACCUSED of hating African Americans by some of my black female subbies just because I highlighted some of their ills. To conclude this post and before someone asks me to go back to Africa or as some of them have put it "the jungle", LET ME REMIND YOU THAT THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO CAN TRULY KICK ANYONE OUT OF AMERICA are the Native Americans. Everybody else who doesn't have indian blood in them is an IMMIGRANT. If you are reading this with an open mind, PLEASE AND PLEASE let's try to NOT feed the beast called STEREOTYPE. Let's try to know the content and context of a message before making hasty, uninformed and stupid judgments! Have a blessed night!