Tuesday, July 19, 2016


In my kitchen, everything is cooked with love and from scratch with fresh/raw produce. What that means is that I cook with raw ingredients and put it together in my kitchen. I don't cook precooked or boxed food. I buy my groceries fresh and throw it down in my kitchen. I'm always excited to film my cooking sessions because there are women who enjoy learning from me and those who give me good tips also. Anyways, this particular video is a tutorial I had filmed a few weeks back. In this video, I shared how I make my homemade mashed potatoes and gravy. It was a very exciting cooking video. I hope you enjoy watching it. Here are the ingredients you will need: some fresh heads of potatoes, some fresh milk, some butter, water and salt. For the gravy, you will need a packet or two of McCormick gravy mix or any mix of your choice, some chopped onions, salt, water, oil(whichever kind you prefer) and some Old Bay Seasoning. To learn how to put them together, watch my video. Remember to add me on Googleplus and subscribe to my YouTube channel and blog. Have a blessed day filled with love and good food!