Monday, July 25, 2016


When Mrs. Anita Ekpeidose Omokhudu, founder of Ministry To The Needy, who is also one of my pastors at Holy Ghost Christian Center, Atlanta contacted me last week to ask about my next food drive, I didn't know that she and her ministry had a plan. I was very excited to tell her about the progress we were making and how we were looking forward to raising enough money to continue to do the work Jesus commanded us to do, for the needy in the streets. you could imagine how very excited I was when she told me that her ministry was donating enough food to feed up to 300 homeless people. I just started praising God because He alone did this and deserves all the praise! We at Maryam Shumate's Dream Big Foundation are just vessels being used by God to help the needy in our community and we couldn't be more excited to receive such timely help from Ministry To The Needy.

When I asked pastor Anita why they decided to partner with us, here's what she had to say: "We support missionaries like Maryam who are out there doing the work of God. I keep telling Maryam she’s doing ministry because real ministry is actually taking God’s character, behavior to the streets and reaching out to the folks in the streets. Real ministry is taking it to the streets, looking out for the homeless, needy and the orphans and people who don’t know where their next meal will come from. And that is what Maryam is doing. Doing what God asked her to do. I’m so blessed and privileged to be a part of this and it’s what I love to do. I tell people you can’t do it by yourself. That is why we are joining forces. MTTN is joining force with Maryam to bring the gospel of Jesus to the Limelight. We need to take America back for the Lord. We must take the world back for the Lord, we must take the nations back for the Lord and it begins with you." It is people like pastor Anita who are changing the world. They recognize that there is a need to be met and only people who are willing to be used by God can boldly go out there and meet it. There are too many people wasting their time and energy being judgmental and critical of others instead of offering their time and resource to change the world. We appreciate everyone at the Ministry To The Needy for supporting us. God bless you all. If you want to be a part of Maryam Shumate's Dream Big Foundation, there are many ways you could be. You could support us by donating, purchasing t-shirts and also volunteering. All information you will need is on the website. Watch the following video to learn more about pastor Anita and why she chose to support our foundation. Have a wonderful week!