Saturday, July 16, 2016


Hey guys. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I wanted to share something miraculous with you all today. The reason for this is to empower you to BELIEVE AND PRAY! This is not a blog to tell you about God because I expect that you already know Him. This is a blog to urge and encourage you to HAVE FAITH IN GOD! Matthew 18:26 says Jesus looked at them intently and said, "Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God everything is possible." This verse is so powerful and relevant to what I'm about to share with you. Before I share it with you, I want you to know that the Scripture is for all of us.
2 years ago I did my taxes. Just like every other responsible person in America. I figured what my refund was going to be and was very excited to get it. But something happened. The IRS sent me a letter there was a problem with my forms. I sent them all of the information that they needed to process my taxes and refund. And then it was time to track my refund online. I started tracking it 3 months after filing but nothing was showing up. I tried to contact the IRS by phone but all my efforts were futile. 1 year passed and I still didn't hear from them. I had stopped tracking it online after a while. About a year and 2 months later, I tracked it and the result came up as invalid. I gave up on trying to contact the IRS or tracking it online.

Although I gave up on the IRS ever sending me what belonged to me, I never STOPPED praying to GOD about it. To cut a long story short, a few weeks ago, I was just laying in bed when my brother in-law brought a mail from the government addressed to me. It was my check plus interest! God is good!! Believe me when I say that GOD IS GOOD! Never stop trusting, believing and calling on HIM. He will answer your prayers if you don't lose faith! Thanks for reading to the end. Have a blessed day!