Saturday, July 9, 2016


First of all, I want to express my condolences to the families of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling and the 5 officers who were killed within the past few days. In leu of all the tragic events, I can't help but cry out to God for America! IT IS NOT OKAY for some police officers to target and profile black men just for being black and it is NOT okay for blacks to kill police officers either! In America for many decades, AS A BLACK PERSON, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A CRIMINAL TO BE A CRIMINAL. THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN IS ALL THEY NEED TO TAG YOU A CRIMINAL. It is very sad! Yet, there are people in America who are oblivious to their RACISTS tendencies, who get offended when black people take to the streets with banners that read #BLACKLIVESMATTER. Let me educate you if you are one of those obnoxious people. The #BLACKLIVESMATTER Movement is NOT TO SAY OTHER LIVES DON'T MATTER, it is a movement that is raising awareness about the unjust and unlawful brutality of innocent black people just for being black. It is a movement that is crying out for the reforms of laws that MAKE IT OKAY FOR BLACKS TO BE KILLED UNJUSTLY BY THE COPS. It is a movement that is trying to give black people a place of recognition as a PEOPLE not a WALKING TICKING CRIMINAL. So the next time you see that movement, just know that it is not discounting your existence but challenging the laws that make it HARD FOR BLACKS TO LIVE PEACEFULLY, WITHOUT THE FEAR OF BEING STEREOTYPED AND KILLED!

RACISM IN AMERICA IS VERY MUCH ALIVE! There are people who still raise their kids to treat others inferior if they don't look like them! We are all human beings created by ONE GOD! Oh let me think, AMERICA has moved farther away from God! America is now a country that VALUES ANIMALS' LIVES MORE THAN HUMANS-- LET ME RESTATE THAT! America values Animals more than BLACK people's lives! IT IS A SHAME! Let me educate some people. Many years ago, Africans were forced out of their homes by some white people with sophisticated weapons, taken across the Atlantic Ocean. Did I already mention that IT WAS AGAINST THEIR WILL? Well, it was! They were loaded into these ships like commodities to be used up. During many of those trips across the Ocean, many died due to dehydration, overcrowding and hunger. Guess what happened to their bodies? They were thrown into the seas! Not only that, whenever the white slave lords felt like their ships were sinking due to overload, they DISPOSED or better still, THEY THREW LIVING BEINGS INTO THE WATER TO DROWN AND DIE! See, it is NOT that BLACK LIVES DON'T MATTER BECAUSE THEY ARE BLACK, It is that they/we have been treated as unequal BECAUSE we are bound without our consent and brought to a foreign place where we were just work horses that were used, bred and then disposed when our strength and abilities to work have been taken away!

After many years of slavery and forced labor, WE FINALLY PROTESTED(PEACEFULLY) along with godly white men and women to gain our suffrage and freedom. Although we did get it, RACISM NEVER ENDED! There were men and women in power who made sure that THEY frustrated and still frustrate OUR efforts to become fully emancipated and part of this country. To cut a VERY LONG STROY SHORT, there are still racists who think blacks are human being enough and so DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!

Every black person in America has a place in Africa and a home. However, when you are born in a place and have ONLY lived and known that place, THAT IS YOUR HOME! EVERY WHITE PERSON IN AMERICA DOESN'T OWN AMERICA! THE AMERICAN INDIANS DO! WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS! So let's STOP hating one another and STOP THE HATE BECAUSE IT IS THE SAME RED BLOOD THAT FLOWS THROUGH OUR VEINS!

The ONLY solution is JESUS CHRIST! He died for EVERYONE of us regardless of skin color! Let's let Jesus reign in our hearts and REBUKE HATE!