Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Hey guys. Welcome to my blog. I hope that you have all had an amazing day?! Today's post is about my foundation's second food distribution Saturday, July 30, 2016. It was a very successful outreach to the homeless. We had more help than I had anticipated. Two of my YouTube subscribers came and one of them brought her mom to the event. Mary, my pastor's wife was there also. She was very kind enough to look after Le'Veon, while I filmed and took pictures and my husband handed out food and drinks. I was so filled with joy and gratitude for those who came and for feeding every homeless man, woman and children who were present. There's something about giving. If I'm having a bad day and do something nice for someone else, it improves my mood. Suddenly, I don't feel as sad or frustrated. I would highly recommend that everyone tries a random act of kindness whenever they are in a bad mood because it does improve moods. Anyways, Mary, OPhelia and Sameerah, if you ever see this post, I want you all to know that I'M GRATEFUL FOR YOUR SERVICE! May God who rewards our every kind gesture and acts towards others reward everyone of you beyond expectation in Jesus Name! Here are pictures from the event: