Wednesday, August 10, 2016


A few weeks ago, my husband found a woman's lost wallet in a WalMart Cart, in the parking lot. This wallet had all of the woman's valuables... I'm talking about bank cards, government ids, hospital cards and her children's insurance cards. My husband simply couldn't walk away without making sure that the wallet was given to the rightful owner. He looked for a number on the wallet to call but didn't find any. So he waited a little while in the parking lot, hoping that the owner of the lost wallet would realize she was missing her wallet and come looking for it. That's exactly what happened. To some people, what my husband did was nothing but to me, it was everything! He didn't have to wait on the lady to come back for her wallet. He didn't have to care but HE DID! This post is to celebrate him and also encourage people to keep doing good because IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU! Here's a video of the incident. Watch and share!