Sunday, August 14, 2016


Hey guys, welcome to my blog. Yesterday was a very good day for me and my friend OPhelia(seen in picture above). The reason being, we were both available and grateful to cook for and serve 100 homeless people in Griffin, Ga. We brought groceries and many packs of water enough to feed about 160 people. It was such a blessing for us to do what we did. The whole time at Impact Christian Ministeries was a blessing. We had a lot of fun prepping and cooking while we reminisced about Africa and sang and danced to African Christian songs. Don't worry guys, the video will soon be up for you to relive the moment with us.

I must tell you all that we were not the only ones cooking and serving the homeless at Impact Ministeries yesterday. There were other god-fearing and amazing people in that kitchen and on the ministry site doing the work of Jesus as well. There is something about serving others who can't pay you back, God had a way of using such service to bless you. For me and OPhelia, we felt privileged to be in a position to be used by God to minister to the homeless through our service. My prayer is that more people will start caring for the homeless, neglected, and underserved in their communities because that is the only way you END WORLD HUNGER! More IMPORTANTLY, it is the BEST way to bring Jesus to others! Before I live you guys today, I'd like to offer you the opportunity to serve others because you WILL BE REWARDED by God for your service. You could serve others by donating to foundations such as mine; that are hands-on with the community or if you aren't able to donate, you could create time to go and volunteer to serve during our Outreach programs because we are always in need of volunteers to help spread Christ's GOOD NEWS through service to the homeless. God bless you! Here are more pictures from the day.