Thursday, September 29, 2016


Hey y'all. Welcome to my blog. Here's a video I made two days ago for my YouTube channel. This video was something I wanted to do after a few encounters with some adorably annoying individuals. If you are a mom reading this, you will identify with some of the questions and stories I told. If you are like one of the people talked about in this video, please learn and DON'T DO IT, EVER AGAIN! Before you watch the video, here are two of the questions that I discussed in the video:
1. NEVER ASK A NEW MOM WHEN SHE'S GOING TO LOSE HER BABY WEIGHT. If you do, you might be a victim to her kickboxing skill she never thought she had. She will lose the weight whenever she wants to. IT'S NONE of your business how she does it or when she does it.

2. Never ASK an African mother if she's going to breastfeed her baby because her ancestors from 1,000 generations past, might come GET YOU! As a West African, Nigerian woman, IT IS INEVITABLE that I breastfeed my sweet baby.
To check out more of the questions, please watch and share the video.