Saturday, September 17, 2016


Throwback to my first book's cover page picture.

Hey everyone. Welcome to my website and blog. I appreciate your stopping by today. This blog is not about our Food Drives but about encouragement. We all need encouragement at many different moments in our lives. I just wanted you to stay encouraged NO MATTER what is happening in your life. Remember that only people who have "LIFE" can hope for a better tomorrow. Remember that the most beautiful and valuable things in life are FREE! For instance, the air you breathe, the family that loves you and true and honest friends. I am aware that there are fake friends and family who care for you, only when they can gain something from you but today's post is NOT about such deceptive people. So we will save that for when we post a blog about being aware of such people. Today is Saturday and I would love to encourage you to NOT QUIT ON YOURSELF! You are Valuable and Good Enough and you Deserve to DREAM BIG and have a GREAT LIFE! Don't allow the voices of the Naysayers become your INTERNAL voice. God has Given you power to POSSESS your Possessions! So GO GET YOUR DREAM! I BELIEVE IN YOU but you NEED to believe in YOU for anything to change.  Comment below if this post blessed you and if you're going after your DREAMS starting now!