Saturday, September 3, 2016


Hey y'all, welcome to my blog. So the Georgia Bulldogs football team played their season opener today, against the North Carolina Tarheels. This was a game that my family was looking forward to since last year, after Kirby Smart was announced as the new head coach at the end of the last football season. I must tell y'all, Coach Smart DID NOT DISAPPOINT us at all! He did exactly what he is known for. He won the game! Everyone of us watching the game at home was very happy. We are all very excited to witness the DAWN of a new era for sports in Georgia. My husband is VERY happy and super EXCITED for the rest of the season. He even plans to let his hair grow out until the bulldogs lose a game this season. I'm just going to get ready for my mountain man because at the sight of things, the bulldogs won't be losing anytime soon; at least I hope. Who are you all most excited to watch this football season? Who is your favorite college football team? Anyways, I hope you all have an amazing night.