Saturday, November 5, 2016


Hey everybody. Welcome to my blog. I hope that you have all had an amazing day. If you haven't, I hope that visiting my blog today brightens your mood. Anyways, as the title suggests, we are talking about Dwight Howard. So he finally became an NBA free Agent this past off season and the Atlanta Hawks offered him a contract that he accepted. A good number of NBA fans and critics were skeptical about Howard's coming to ATLANTA. Well, we are 6 games in and Howard has shown all of his haters why HE IS ONE OF NBA's most defensive players. Howard averages a double and also is undeniably THE LEADER of the Atlanta Hawks. I'm so happy that we; the fans of the Hawks, get to witness a SUPERSTAR who brings it EVERY night. I don't care about what anyone thinks, Howard is still a SUPERSTAR and will continue to be until he retires a HAWK! It's crazy how a hometown kid comes back home years later, to lead his hometown team. He couldn't have made the decision at a better time. Although, we are currently 4-2, I still have a high hope that we will go FAR this season. I can't tell you how exciting it is to watch the Hawks every night, knowing that Howard is going to REBOUND, SCORE and play an OUTSTANDING defense! Oh need I tell you about his DUNKS?! Howard always delivers on the alleys when the ball is thrown in his direction; high up in the air. It is truly amazing! Have I succeeded in telling you how much I appreciate and love Howard's presence in the paint? Well, I hope I have. It is very easy to note that Howard is by FAR, the HAWK'S MOST VALUABLE PLAYER and we still have a long and exciting season ahead of us. He is TRUE TO ATLANTA! That's it, y'all! Remember to set your clocks back an hour. Enjoy your night!