Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hey y'all. Thanks for visiting my blog today. It is Election Day in America and I would love to encourage you to go and vote. See, what you should know is many people gave their lives for most to have the privilege to vote. I remember studying the history of American Government in college and how in awe I was when I learned that in the beginning ONLY the rich had the right to vote. So, many gutsy people had the courage to REVOLT for a change in order for EVERYONE with or without properties to have the right to VOTE. Then blacks and women also fought for the RIGHT to VOTE. All of these didn't happen without the lose of lives. So if you were thinking about NOT voting, please have a RETHINK because someone/people died in order for you to have this right, you are about to throw down the drain! Anyways, THAT'S ALL I got for now. PLEASE GO VOTE! Be a part of those who change or effect the future by casting your vote today!