Sunday, November 27, 2016


Negativity is a virus that sucks the life out of you! It's not only detrimental to one's health but also steals valuable time to be spent in the moment with family and friends! Being a social media personality with growing fame and audience, I get some ridiculous and negative comments sometimes. The mistake I made in the past was letting it bother me. I used to try to imagine what in the world is going on in these trolls' minds, that they conceive such evil thoughts and post them under fake profiles. But the longer I dwelled on that thought, the harder it was for me to keep a joyful mind. I didn't like the darkness that was in those minds. So I came to the conclusion that there are NEGATIVE people who conceive ridiculous ideas and spew hateful comments on social media, under fake profiles because THERE'S nothing good happening in their lives. The only way they survive is by trying hard to ruin somebody else's day. They are so SAD and ANGRY with their lives that they are looking to draw people like me into that cycle of DARKNESS. I STOPPED focusing on negativity because it's TOO COSTLY for me and I VALUE my peace of mind! Do you value your peace of mind? Join me and STOP focusing on Negativity and negative people who bring them into your life! Life is way TOO VALUABLE AND BEAUTIFUL to be wasted on DARKNESS AND NEGATIVITY! I encourage you to join me and LET'S WELCOME THE LIGHT JESUS BRINGS! I need MORE JESUS and NO NEGATIVITY! How about you?