Friday, November 4, 2016


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Hi there. Welcome to my blog. I hope you've had an amazing day, today. So a while ago, I was just thinking about life and evaluating different circumstances in my head and came to the conclusion that LIFE is really NOT FAIR! The reason for this is cause I have seen many very hardworking, loyal and committed people who NEVER become successful. It makes me WONDER that if our hard work were all it took to be SUCCESSFUL and rich, MOST people in the world would be rich! However, it's unfortunately NOT SO. Life in most cases, GIVES YOU WHAT YOU DEMAND AND IN MANY CASES, it gives you what you work for. I believe that the reason there is generational wealth in some families is SACRIFICE made by their ANCESTORS! These sacrifices were combined strategically with OPPORTUNITIES and that's why these families enjoy surplus in their homes. The great thing about life is, when you HAVE IT, THERE'S HOPE FOR YOU! I have a question for you. What sacrifice will you strategically combine with your opportunities to CREATE your own GENERATIONAL WEALTH? Before I go, there is a very crucial ingredient to being successful and that is BE DARING! Be ready to take risks. If you're too scared to take that LEAP OF FAITH(RISK) to pursue your dream, you'll look back from where you are and REGRET IT! Okay so I just inspired myself. I've got to say good night! I'm ready to take a leap of faith. Are you?